Sally Loughridge

Islands in Pink
Islands in Pink 
Oil on cradled birch, 16 x 20" 
Islands in Pink
Rad Art: A Journey through Radiation Treatment

Whispering Birch
Quiet Marsh
Sky Glow


The process of making art is challenging, humbling and deeply satisfying.  Painting has been a powerful, persistent magnet since early childhood, while raising my children, and during my career as a clinical psychologist.  I now focus on art exclusively – painting, studying, exhibiting, and teaching.  I create landscapes and seascapes, the real and the imagined, in soft pastel, oil and watercolor. I continue to grow through long contented hours working on my own and painting regularly with a small group of close friends.

I am constantly intrigued  by the play of light and shadow on the myriad, beautiful intersections of land, sea and sky in Maine. A dramatic contrast in shape, an unusual perspective, or a sudden shift in weather will stir my interest.  When a particular aspect of a scene rivets me visually or I feel my pulse quicken, I know I have found my focus. 

Painting is my way of expressing my resonance with the natural world. My painting and sight have become reciprocally entwined, with each enhancing the other. The fuller my engagement, the more energized and connected I feel to the world.  In turn, I hope to engage the viewer by stirring memory, emotion and curiosity.  

Children's Picture Book

Daniel and His Starry Night Blanket
A Story of Illness and Sibling Love
I have written, illustrated and, in late 2015, self published this book which tells the tale of a young child whose older sister gets cancer and, from his perspective, far too much of their family's attention.  Three major elements in my background led to the creation of this picture book: my almost 30 years' experience as a clinical child psychologist, the last 16 years as a professional artist, and having breast cancer some seven years ago. The book addresses the parental challenge of juggling the needs of all of one's children during a perilous journey through a life-threatening pediatric illness.
2016 Best Book Awards Finalist in Children's Picture Books Soft Cover Fiction
2016 Literary Classics International Book Awards Gold Medal in Picture Book/Preschool Category
2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in Children's Picture Books 0 to 5 and 6 and Up categories
2015 Gelett Burgess Book Awards Gold Medal, Lifestyle Emotions and Feelings Category  
2015 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention, Children's Books Category
Available through,, www.maineauthorspublishing, and area bookstores.
A Visual Journey Book

Rad Art: A Journey through Radiation Treatment

Published by the American Cancer Society


When I had breast cancer in 2010, painting helped me endure and heal emotionally. During the time between my diagnosis and the start of radiation, I experienced a rush of powerful emotions, which I could not always name. By creating a small painting every day after my treatment, I hoped I would find solace, distraction, and release. Each five-by-seven-inch spontaneous painting was made in twenty minutes or less. I did not want to think too much. The paintings themselves were not intended to be art per se; rather, the process of creating them was the critical element in my coping strategy. This sequence of thirty-three paintings, together with corresponding log entries has become a book published by the American Cancer Society.  

2012 Association Trends All Media Contest, Gold Medal in Book Category 

2013 Next Generation Indie Awards Finalist Women's Issues

2013 USA Best Book Awards, Winner Women's Issues and Finalist, Health-Cancer Categories

 Available through, many other online sites, and brick and mortar bookstores.